Survey Format

In most situations where multiple individuals completed the survey, the individuals invited to participate pooled their knowledge with other agency/organization participants and responded on one survey. In situations where multiple surveys were obtained from an agency or organization, the information was combined by the project leader. Conflicting or unclear information from these duplicate submissions were verified with the agency or organization submitting them.

The assessment survey asked general questions about six general access program categories (public lands, corporate lands, cooperative wildlife management areas, private lands, fee title purchase and other programs) and asked detailed questions regarding six specific hunter access program-types (access easement purchase or lease [right-of-way easement purchase or lease], access leasing, block-management/landowner-customized hunter-use management, cooperative management [public and private], public-use easements and other programs). There is considerable overlap in the program-types that the survey targeted. However, this overlap was consciously retained in order to capture the broadest possible array of programs by allowing participants to self-select the program-types that their program may fall into. The final assessment survey can be found in Appendix I of the Hunter Access Program Assessment Survey Report.

However, in order to minimize confusion among survey recipients, detailed definitions were provided in a cover letter and as part of the assessment survey instrument itself. See Appendix I for the definitions used.