Types of Program Guidance

While this internal recognition of the importance of providing hunter access bodes well for the future, many states are not guided by either an external advisory group or internal oversight group to assist them in addressing this need. Twenty-seven states reported that they do not have either type of group, nine states indicated that they have an internal oversight group only, seven states reported that they had both groups, and six states reported that they have an external advisory group only.

Types of State Agency Access Program Guidance

The importance of advisory or oversight groups to guide hunter access programs will likely become more important in the future, especially as specific strategies are developed to overcome the identified barriers to improving hunter access. Including broad cross-sections of agency staff and stakeholder groups in these groups will likely improve their effectiveness in overcoming the identified barriers.

In addition, there appear to be opportunities to expand coordination with others seeking to improve access. Eighteen states reported that they coordinate with all of the seven potential groups identified on a forced-choice list. Only 11 states reported that they coordinate with land trusts.