Camp Wildwood

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Contact: Carole Collins


Phone: 803 734-3957

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Camp Wildwood is a cooperative effort conducted by the SCDNR with support from the Garden Clubs of SC. It was initiated in 1954 and has been held annually for 2 weeks each summer. Approximately 3,000 young people have participated in this opportunity since 1988.

Campers at Camp Wildwood discover that they are part of nature and their actions in some way affect the natural balance. The professional staff and counselors pass on knowledge and appreciation for the protection and wise use of our natural resources. Camp Wildwood encourages self-reliance, self-discipline and independence in an outdoor setting. Self-confidence is built through cooperative relationships with adults and peers. It is also a place to learn about the diversity of our natural resources and the variety of career choices within the environmental field.

The camp is successful at increasing the interest of campers in outdoor activities by giving them the knowledge and skills to feel competent enough to continue the activities once camp is over. The camp is also successful at recruiting new participants into a number of activities. Moreover, many campers that had not purchased fishing or hunting licenses before camp, did so following their camp experience.

The friendships that campers build at camp carry over into life after camp. The percentage of campers continuing activity participation with fellow campers is quite high and more than meets the objective set for this participation goal.

The fact that virtually all campers report having a stronger commitment to conservation as a result of camp participation, underscores the purpose of the camp is being achieved very well. The camp also does a nice job of exposing campers to natural resource careers and motivates many to consider studying in a natural resource field in college.

Website: Camp Wildwood

Planning and Evaluation
Program objectives: 
1. Involve youth in outdoor activities<br>2. Increase awareness of and support for the DNR’s mission, goals and programs.<br>3. Increase knowledge, skills and confidence for successful participation in outdoor-related recreational activities.<br>4. Develop social involvement and networking opportunities for continued participation after the program<br>5. Introduce campers to career opportunities in natural resources management<br>6. Improve youth understanding of their role in environmental stewardship

Manual or Plan

This program has a manual or plan: Yes


This program is evaluated: Yes

How effective is the program at meeting your objectives?: Very effective
Would you recommend other agencies/organizations use this model?: Yes

Cost Type: Annual cost

Program cost: To be determined