About the Hunting Heritage Action Plan

The Wildlife Management Institute (WMI) with assistance from the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (AFWA) is in the process of developing a Hunting Heritage Action Plan (Action Plan). The plan will provide a strategic framework to enhance the effectiveness of current hunting heritage activities; and to stimulate development of new activities that will contribute to this overall effort. This effort is being supported by numerous non-government conservation organizations (NGOs).

The first objective of the Action Plan is to obtain a complete and comprehensive assessment of the current Recruitment and Retention and Hunting Access Programs. The second objective will use the information obtained to complete a “gap analysis” of current and potential programs, and develop a strategic plan to fill in any shortcomings.

This effort is designed to complement other efforts, such as the National Shooting Sports' Best Practices for Hunting and Shooting Sports Recruitment and Retention Workbook. It is not designed to replace any efforts, but rather, make them more effective.

If our Hunting Heritage is to continue, we need a clear and thorough understanding of what organizations and agencies are doing and how they are measuring their success. It is critical that this information is shared among the hunting community so that our efforts are as efficient and effective as possible.