Nebraska 20 Year Hunter/Angler Recruitment, Development and Retention Plan

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Contact: Jeff Rawlinson


Phone: 402-471-6133

Program details

Nebraska's 20 Year RDR Plan was developed using current Best Management Practices and research to achieve five main Goals which include:

GOAL I. Recruitment of
Youth Hunters/Anglers
GOAL II. Recruitment of
New Adult Hunters/Anglers
GOAL III. Recruitment of
Lapsed Anglers/Hunters
GOAL IV. Development and Retention
of Existing Hunters/Anglers
GOAL V. Maintain Support
of Hunting and Fishing
by All Citizenry in Nebraska

This will be accomplished using six overriding Strateguies that include:

Planning and Evaluation

Program objectives: 

Objective I. Increase hunter replacement ratio
from .60 to 1.0 (based on data from National Surveys
of Fishing, Hunting and Wildlife Associated

Objective II. Increase youth angler participation
rates from 19 percent to 50 percent (based on data
from 2001 National Survey of Fishing, Hunting and
Wildlife Associated Recreation)

Objective III. Increase number of adult hunters
from 151,500 to 161,500
Objective IV. Increase number of new adult
anglers annually from 30,000 to 40,000

Objective V. Increase the high purchasing rate
for hunters from 30 percent to 60 percent
Objective VI. Reduce percentage of lapsed
anglers (those anglers that have ceased to purchase
a fishing permit in last four years) from 41 percent
to 20 percent

Objective VII. Increase multiple permit sales per
hunter from 46 percent to 65 percent
Objective VIII. Increase the percentage of avid
(purchased license at least three of last four years)
anglers from 18.3 percent to 33.3 percent

Objective IX. Maintain public approval of legal
hunting of approximately 75 percent or greater
(Responsive Management)
Objective X. Maintain public approval of legal
fishing of 95 percent or greater (based on data provided
by Responsive Management)

Manual or Plan

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This program is evaluated: Yes

Metrics used to measure success and evaluate this program:

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Approximate cost to agency/organization to implement program: $1000000.00

Approximate staff effort required to implement program: 70