Effective Wingshooting, the CONSEP Way...

Sponsoring Agency or Organization

Contact: Tony L. Legg

Email: tony.legg@mdc.mo.gov

Phone: 573-522-4115

Program details

The Cooperative North American Shotgunning Education Program helps shotgun shooters, waterfowl and upland game bird hunters sharpen their skills in marksmanship, distance estimation and equipment selection, regardless of the shot material they choose to use. CONSEP-trained hunters can also contribute more to conservation and reduce hunting expenses.

Effective wingshooting, the CONSEP Way Seminar

Learn shotgun wing-shooting fundamentals and proven techniques from Department instructors
Get fact-based information on wildlife data, hunting and shooting techniques, shotshell technology and choke and shell selection

Effective wingshooting, the CONSEP Way Workshop

Evaluate and improve your personal wingshooting skill level
Assess and improve your range-estimation skill
Measure and improve your equipment (gun/choke/load) combination and performance
Get free steel shot free
Learn how to use steel shot to improve overall marksmanship skills

Free Steel Shot
Because many CONSEP workshops occur on wetland areas, we shoot only nontoxic steel shot and provide it free of charge to participants. Aside from being nontoxic to wildlife, steel shot is the cheapest nontoxic shot, it holds the tightest patterns and has the shortest shot strings. If you can learn to shoot steel shot effectively, you can be more effective with lead or any other exotic nontoxic shot.

Planning and Evaluation

Manual or Plan

This program has a manual or plan: In progress


This program is evaluated: No

Metrics used to measure success and evaluate this program:

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Program considerations and recommendations

Special facilities needed to implement the program: Classroom with equipement for PowerPoint delivery, open area capable of supporting shotgun shooting.


Approximate cost to agency/organization to implement program: $60000.00

Approximate staff effort required to implement program: 10 staff, 200 hours