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Contact: Michael Christensen


Phone: 316-290-8883

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Matching caring adults with a passion for the outdoors with children that want to learn about the outdoors...that's what the Pass It On program is about in a nutshell.

Whether it is fishing, camping, hiking, bird watching, archery, hunting, shooting sports, sailing...or just about any other traditional outdoor activity, we work to provide opportunities for children to learn about them in a safe environment from mentors willing to share their time.

What began as an effort on the part of Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks to bolster the ranks of hunters and fishers in 1999 has grown beyond the borders of Kansas to include activities in Alabama, Alaska, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia and Wisconsin. Thanks to the tremendous support of the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the Pass It On program expanded in 2003 with pilot programs in Pennsylvania and Texas. The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation played a significant role in making this happen as well. In November of 2006, the Pass It On - Outdoor Mentors program was endorsed by the National Forum on Children and Nature.

The Pass It On program has proven to be an effective recruitment tool for BBBS agencies wanting to involve more men in their mentoring programs. It has proven to be an effective tool for introducing children to traditional outdoor activities. And now we are working to expand the program on a national basis.

To make it happen, we are working to enlist the aid of BBBS agencies, conservation groups, and interested parties in the outdoor industry to become involved. We need volunteers and we need funding to make it all happen. If you or your organization would like to find out how you can be a part of Pass It On, contact Mike Christensen at 316-290-8883 or via email at

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