Landowner Relations Program

Sponsoring Agency or Organization

Contact: Al Eiden


Phone: 623-236-7624

Program details

The Landowner Relations Program has primary responsibility within the Department for working with the state's private landowners. The program has grown significantly in recent years offering new alternatives and larger projects to all the cooperators. The focus on offering more to our partners requires capitalizing on outside funding sources that have allowed the LRP to more than quadruple the budget of the program. The current program effectively implements more than $2 million annually toward a variety of habitat and land conservation projects.

Planning and Evaluation
Program objectives: 
The Access program is a cost-share program funded through State Heritage funds with the main objective of working cooperatively with private landowners across the state to create and maintain public access.

Manual or Plan

This program has a manual or plan: No


This program is evaluated: No

Metrics used to measure success and evaluate this program:
  • Number of acres
  • Number of participants (landowners)
  • General, unstructured feedback from hunters
  • Informal qualitative evaluations based on participant landowner feedback
How effective is the program at meeting your objectives?: Very effective
Would you recommend other agencies/organizations use this model?: Yes
General Comments: This type of program works very well for Arizona. It may or may not work in other states depending on state rules/laws and landowner interest.
Program Size

Minimum Property Size: 1 acre

Acres Enrolled: ~ 2 million

Access Sites (rights of way) Established: 8-10

Number of Hunters Participating: unknown

Number of Landowners Participating: about 15 multiple years agreeemnts are written each year. We have about 300 landonwers enrolled in our RESPECT program


Cost Type: Annual cost

Program cost: ~ $200,000 per year