More Places to Hunt

Sponsoring Agency or Organization

Contact: Joel Pedersen


Phone: 803-637-3106 ext 7508

Program details

More Places to Hunt is an NWTF program designed to help provide more hunting opportunities on public and private property. The NWTF already has spent $9.4 million and helped obtain more than 413,000 acres of land for hunters since 1987. This program builds upon our chapter’s success, and allows the NWTF to coordinate with partners to accomplish even more.

Through this program the NWTF works with our chapters, state widlife agencies, federal land management agencies, and other private partners to secure hunting access on both private and public lands. The NWTF achieves this goal by working with our partners in whatever manner necessary to help them achieve success. NWTF assists our partners with land acquisition, hunter access ROW projects, programs to provide public access to private lands, and even will work legislatively to secure funding or funding sources for access related projects.

The NWTF's More Places to Hunt program is designed to help our partners succeed by enhancing thier ongoing efforts. The program is not designed to work directly with landowners to provide public access.

Planning and Evaluation

Manual or Plan

This program has a manual or plan: No


This program is evaluated: Yes

How effective is the program at meeting your objectives?: Very effective
Would you recommend other agencies/organizations use this model?: Yes

Cost Type: Annual cost

Program cost: $500,000 average