Access and Habitat Program

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Contact: Matthew Keenan


Phone: 503-947-6087

Program details

The Access and Habitat (A&H) Program’s motto, "Landowners & Hunters Together for Wildlife," conveys the program’s basic mission to foster partnerships between landowners and hunters for the benefit of the wildlife they both value. The program also seeks to recognize and encourage the important contributions made by landowners to the state’s wildlife resources — stewardship that affects about 42 percent of Oregon’s land base.

The A&H Program provides grants to private landowners, timber and agriculture corporations, sporting groups, natural resource agencies, and others for projects designed to improve wildlife habitat and/or increase public hunting access to private lands. Examples of eligible projects include wildlife forage seeding, water development, riparian protection, meadow fertilization, wetland restoration, regulated hunt programs, law enforcement patrols, travel management areas, and public hunting leases on private lands.

The 1993 Oregon Legislative Assembly created the seven-member (A&H) Board. This legislation authorized the A&H Board to review and recommend to the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission (Commission) projects designed to improve wildlife habitat and public hunting access in Oregon. The 2009 Oregon Legislative Assembly reauthorized program funding through December 2019. Project proposals are initially reviewed by board-appointed regional advisory councils established in six geographic regions of the state. The councils forward proposals to the A&H Board with recommendations to approve or deny projects. The A&H Board provides the next level of project review and then forwards proposals to the Commission for final consideration and approval to expend A&H Program funds.

Planning and Evaluation

Manual or Plan

This program has a manual or plan: No


This program is evaluated: No

Comments: This is a report to the Oregon Legislature that summarizes program accomplishments; it is not a formal evaluation.

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Metrics used to measure success and evaluate this program:
  • Number of acres
  • Habitat type or quality
  • Number of participants (landowners)
  • Geographic distribution of areas
How effective is the program at meeting your objectives?: Very effective
Would you recommend other agencies/organizations use this model?: Don't Know

Cost Type: Annual cost