Walk-In Access

Sponsoring Agency or Organization

Contact: Boyd Blackwell

Email: boydeblackwell@utah.gov

Phone: 801-538-4776

Program details

What is the Walk-in Access program?
Managed by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR), the Walk-in Access program pays private landowners to allow public access to their properties. Traveling on foot, hunters, anglers and wildlife watchers can enter and use the land without obtaining special permission or paying a separate fee. This partnership between the state and private landowners helps maintain important wildlife habitat on private lands and improves public access for wildlife-related recreation on private property.

Why do we need it?
Utah’s population is skyrocketing, and many privately owned lands are being developed into subdivisions and shopping centers. As a result, important wildlife habitat on private lands is lost. In addition, outdoor enthusiasts often have trouble obtaining permission to use Utah’s remaining private lands, particularly near large urban areas.

Planning and Evaluation

Manual or Plan

This program has a manual or plan: Yes


This program is evaluated: Yes

Metrics used to measure success and evaluate this program:
  • Number of acres
  • Habitat type or quality
  • Number of participants (landowners)
  • Hunter-days tabulated
  • Informal exit interviews with participants leaving the site
  • Informal after-season evaluations
  • Multi-year evaluations of participant landowners
  • Formal qualitative evaluations based on participant landowner feedback
  • Hunter surveys
  • Landowner surveys
  • Retention rate of participant landowners
  • Geographic distribution of areas
  • Other
How effective is the program at meeting your objectives?: Very effective
Would you recommend other agencies/organizations use this model?: Yes
Program Size

Minimum Property Size: 80 Acres

Acres Enrolled: 71,711 Acres / 8.25 miles of Stream / 13 acres of pond

Access Sites (rights of way) Established: Yes

Number of Hunters Participating: 3,058 hunters 3,123 anglers

Number of Landowners Participating: 80


Cost Type: Annual cost