Scholastic Clay Target Program

Sponsoring Agency or Organization

Contact: Carole Collins


Phone: 803 734-3957

Program details

The Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP) is a national program that supports the shooting sports and hunting thrust of the SCDNR. Youth programs are developed through organizations and schools and supported with equipment and supplies provided by the SCDNR. In 2009, 1,246 students participated on 29 teams at 9 events.

The gun safety and shooting components of the program dovetail nicely with other SCDNR shooting and hunting programs.

Planning and Evaluation

Program objectives: 

Goal 1: Provide training and support to organizations to implement the program.<br>
Objective 1: Train a minimum of 20 new instructors each year.<br>
Objective 2: Add an additional 5 organizations with active programs each year.<br>
Objective 3: Provide support to organizations sponsoring the program.<br><br>
Goal 2: Increase long-term participation in shooting sports.<br>
Objective 1: A minimum of 50% of the students in each program will continue with participation in shooting sports activities one year after their first instructional program.

Manual or Plan

This program has a manual or plan: Yes


This program is evaluated: Yes

Metrics used to measure success and evaluate this program:

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