Bear Trust International

Bear Trust is a 501(c)(3) non-profit wildlife conservation organization founded in 1999 to help conserve wild bears, other wildlife, and their habitat through three program areas: conservation education, wild bear research and management, and habitat conservation. Combined, these programs address the many contexts that are necessary for effective wildlife conservation. Bear Trust International envisions a world where wildlife prospers in its natural habitat while coexisting with environmentally sensitive economic development.

Among our many conservation projects, Bear Trust is working to expand our Adopt-a-Dumpster Program to reduce human-bear conflicts. Bear Trust has also been involved in creating the black bear management plan for east Texas with several stakeholders, including the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. Bear Trust has recently collaborated with research universities to evaluate human-bear conflict issues in Montana and Kentucky, the results of which will be used to help conserve wild bear populations and their habitat, and enhance their long-term viability. In Coahuila, Mexico, Bear Trust continues to work with cement company CEMEX to collect biological data on wildlife, including bears, and to restore critical wildlife habitat.

Bear Trust is currently supporting the Outdoor Resources Network, an online media education program through the Wonders of Wildlife. In addition, Bear Trust has established a partnership with the Center for Wildlife Information and the North American “Be Bear Aware” and Wildlife Stewardship Campaign. Bear Trust recently released The Bear Book, a compilation of real-life field stories by wildlife scientists, naturalists, and conservation enthusiasts. The Bear Book makes bear science accessible to the public and includes information about bear biology and bear safety. In the near future, Bear Trust will develop and publish a book for children based on real life experiences of a female bear biologist, the goal of which will be to educate and empower young children, particularly young girls.