California Waterfowl

California Waterfowl is a hunter-supported conservation organization with a mission to conserve California’s waterfowl, wetlands and the hunting heritage that supports it.

Waterfowl and Wetlands
Working with land managers, building partnerships, and impacting public policy, California Waterfowl is restoring and enhancing habitats for breeding and wintering waterfowl and benefiting countless other wetland dependant species.
•700+ projects on 360,000+ acres in California.
•$7.5 million was invested in habitat statewide last year
•500,000+ wood ducks have hatched from nest boxes since 1991
•177,000+ waterfowl have been banded since 1985; 6,000+ pintails since 2006

Youth and Education
Hands-on projects inspire Californians of all ages to get outdoors, learn about wildlife, discover new recreational interests, and help with conservation. Schools benefit from free in-class lessons, teaching materials, field trips, service projects and youth leadership training.
•Youth and families benefit from educational programs; 50,000 per year
•Teaching conservation and recreation skills; 400 events and projects each year
•Youth hunts and camps build confidence; 2,400 participated last year
•Women’s Outdoor Connections Initiative; overcoming barriers to the outdoors

Public Policy
By affecting public policies and building partnerships, California Waterfowl is producing results that help sustain waterfowl, wetlands, and our hunting heritage.
•New Western Mallard Model after 20 years of data gathering together with DFG
•New Partnering for Pintail Program is supporting sound science and equitable hunter opportunity.
•Millions of dollars are secured annually for public agency incentive programs, habitat restoration and management, and to ensure water for wetlands and wildlife.

Eighty Seven Cents of Every Dollar Donated goes Directly to California Waterfowl Programs. Thank YOU for Supporting Waterfowl and Wetlands and our Hunting Heritage.