Conservation Leaders for Tomorrow

The Conservation Leaders for Tomorrow (CLFT) program offers two types of workshops; one is a four day workshop for wildlife and natural resource upper class and graduate students, the other is a five day workshop professional workshop for state and federal natural resource agency employees who have never held a hunting license or participated in hunting activities. At a CLFT workshop, participants experience a blend of classroom and field instruction designed to give them an understanding of who hunts and why, the biological basis and traditions of hunting, shooting skills and hunting safety. They also have the opportunity to experience a hunt for themselves, alongside responsible, safe instructors and professional hunting guides.
Today, less than half of the students graduating with wildlife degrees have never hunted and know little about hunting or the reasons why people hunt.
These students will be among the next generation of natural resource managers. CLFT is not intended to recruit or train the students to be hunters. It is designed to help students understand hunting and hunters.
The program is conducted through a partnership between the Wildlife Management Institute and the Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation, and other program sponsors and donors.