Indiana Department of Natural Resources

Mission Statement Mission

Our mission is to professionally manage Indiana's fish and wildlife for present and future generations, balancing ecological, recreational, and economic benefits.


Indiana statute defines the authority and responsibilities of the DNR Division of Fish and Wildlife:

The [Division of Fish and Wildlife] shall . . . provide for the protection, reproduction, care, management, survival and regulation of wild animal populations regardless of whether the wild animals are present on public or private property . . . [and) Organize and pursue a program of research and management of wild animals that will serve the best interests of the resources and the people of Indiana.

(Indiana CodeTitle 14, Article 22, Chapter 2, Section 3)


* Fish and wildlife resources belong to all the people of Indiana.
* Regulated hunting, fishing and trapping are important wildlife management tools.
* Professional management is essential to the long-term welfare of fish and wildlife resources.
* Fish and wildlife resources enrich the quality of human life.
* Fish and wildlife resources are renewable and when wisely managed, will indefinitely provide numerous public benefits such as hunting, fishing, trapping and wildlife viewing.
* Stewardship of fish and wildlife resources is a shared responsibility between resource managers and the citizens of Indiana.
* Public participation is essential for effective resource management.
* Regulated hunting, fishing and trapping are legitimate pursuits when conducted in fair chase.
* Hunting, fishing, trapping and wildlife conservation are vital parts of our heritage.


Youth Hunting Events

Public Property Reserved Youth Turkey Hunt Opportunities DNR will offer hunters 15 years old and younger, reserved turkey hunts during youth wild turkey hunting season for both youth-season days, April 18 and 19, at 26 DNR properties. The hunts will be at Atterbury, Crosley, Glendale, Goose Pond, Hovey Lake, Jasper-Pulaski, Sugar Ridge, Kankakee, Kingsbury, LaSalle, Pigeon River, Tri-County, Minnehaha, Fairbanks Landing, Hillenbrand, Chinook, Winamac and Willow Slough Fish and Wildlife...

Hunting Education Workshops

TURKEY EVENTS Location: Atterbury FWA Date: Saturday, April 4, 2009 Time: 9 a.m. to noon EDT Phone: (812) 526-2051 The Blue River Chapter of the Wild Turkey Federation will conduct a workshop for existing and potential youth hunters. Participants will learn hunting techniques, safety, and calling, and are encouraged to bring their turkey calls. Snacks will be provided. Participants are encouraged to call and confirm, as space may be limited. Location: Sugar Ridge FWA Date: ...