Indiana Natural Resources Education Center

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources’ Education Center provides professional training and support for educators and volunteers to promote responsible stewardship of our natural resources.

To support this mission we accept the following guiding principles:

  • Conservation/environmental education and outreach are critical components of managing Indiana’s natural resources.
  • People who have positive experiences with our natural resources are more likely to care about conservation.
  • Successful program delivery depends on identifying and implementing best practices. Our unique delivery strategies include the following:
    • Train the Trainer (training adults to teach students and other adults)
    • Participatory learning (participants use the activities, curricula, and materials during training)
    • Use of existing networks (environmental literacy can best be achieved through cooperative efforts in conservation education throughout the State of Indiana)
    • Programs are most accessible to the public when they are offered throughout the state, at a variety of times and days, and at no or minimal cost.
  • Ongoing support for participants is critical to their ability to effectively implement conservation and environmental education.
  • For long-term behavior change to occur, individuals typically pass through the following stages: awareness (appreciating), knowledge (learning), attitude (evaluating one’s own values and feelings), skills (problem solving) and participation (taking action).


The Natural Resources’ Education Center will be considered the premier source for exceptional, accurate, and innovative activities and curriculum.


Hoosier Outdoor Experience

Our annual Hoosier Outdoor Experience will stand out from other events such as sport shows, outdoor trade shows, and commercial events in many ways. The most important difference between an Outdoor Experience and other events is that we will strictly focus on hands-on and interactive learning events that will teach outdoor skills and conservation to kids, families, and minorities that are currently less experienced in the outdoors. Additionally, our event will focus on Indiana’s outdoor...

Project Webfoot and Flying WILD Workshop

Where: Willow Slough Fish and Wildlife Area, Morocco, IN What: Join Indiana Projects WET and WILD for a workshop featuring Project Webfoot and Flying WILD, wetlands and bird curricula for educators. Project Webfoot is a wetlands education program that includes the WOW! The Wonder of Wetlands Educators' Guide. Project Webfoot curriculum and materials include background information, lessons, and techniques for teaching about wetlands. For more information about Project Webfoot and to view...