Arkansas Has It All

Sponsoring Agency or Organization

Contact: Mike Bonds, Asst. Chief


Phone: (501) 978-7341

Program details

The Arkansas Has It All Conference for educators brings hands on experiences to education. It's sponsored by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Participants may choose from several classes, which include information about:

* Hooked on Fishing, Not on Drugs (HOFNOD)
* Boating Education
* Watchable Wildlife
* Arkansas Youth Shooting Sports Program
* Hunter Education
* Arkansas NASP
* Arkansas Stream Teams
* Project WILD/Project WET/Project Learning Tree
* Schoolyard Habitat Program
* Underwater Arkansas
* Introduction to Outdoor Photography
* Introduction to Fly Fishing/Fly-tying

Teachers are amazed by the benefits of learning in an outdoor classroom while earning six hours of professional development credit.

Planning and Evaluation

Program objectives: 

Introduce teachers to AGFC education programs

Influence schools to adopt AGFC programs into their curricula

Manual or Plan

This program has a manual or plan: No


This program is evaluated: Yes

Metrics used to measure success and evaluate this program:

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Program considerations and recommendations

General comments: The Arkansas Has It All workshop has been highly effective in introducing AGFC's education programs to teachers and in getting schools to adopt our programs into their curricula. Each teacher gets to sign up for four sessions, each of an hour duration. Teachers rank their requested classes by preference, and we then work out their individual schedules. Lunch is provided. Each day begins and ends with a general session. The morning usually starts with a brief keynote speaker. We do two AHIA events annually: one in July and one in November. The July event generally attracts more traditional classroom teachers. The November event coincides with the annual PE teachers' workshops and attracts that segment of teachers. Teachers like the workshop not only because the sessions are great and great fun, but because the sessions aren't the same old professional development lectures they've been subjected to over the years.

Critical elements to consider when planning this type of program: Certification by your state's education department for professional development hours for teachers; timing to coincide with other teacher development activities; programs to offer; equipment and staffing for each session; shuttle vehicles, if necessary.

Special facilities needed to implement the program: Building with plenty of classrooms; must be located near or at overnight accomodations for traveling teachers; near or at firing range if live fire occurs; large auditorium for general sessions.


Approximate cost to agency/organization to implement program: $17500.00

Approximate staff effort required to implement program: 40