Becoming an Outdoors-Woman

Sponsoring Agency or Organization

Contact: Peggy Farrell


Phone: 715/346-4681

Program details

BOW is an award-winning, international outdoor skills program designed specifically for women. More than 40 states and six provincial natural resource agencies create 70+ BOW workshops per year.
Workshop classes are equally divided into hunting, fishing, and non-harvest activities. Classes are taught by patient, enthusiastic instructors in a supportive, non-competitive atmosphere.
More than 20 states/provinces offer Beyond BOW -- single topic learning clinics and adventures. These might include a day of fly fishing, an actual pheasant hunt, sea kayaking, caving, clamming, sailing, the sky's the limit.
Participants range in age from 18-80+. People of all backgrounds and physical abilities are welcome. BOW is a non-profit, non-membership organization.

Planning and Evaluation

Program objectives: 

Remove barriers to participation by women in hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities. Teach introductory level classes in safe, ethical, supportive environment.

Manual or Plan

This program has a manual or plan: Yes

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This program is evaluated: Yes

Metrics used to measure success and evaluate this program:

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Program considerations and recommendations

General comments: Workshops must follow the 3-day, balanced format in order to use the BOW name and logo. Classes should be evenly divided between 1/3 hunting and shooting, 1/3 fishing and boating, and 1/3 non-harvest activities like camping and canoeing.

Critical elements to consider when planning this type of program: Only one entity per state or province is granted permission to offer BOW. Permission and planning support are offered through the International BOW office. WA, ID, NV, UT, HI, PA, RI, CT, MS, GA, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Quebec, Alberta, currently DO NOT offer BOW. New coordinator and instructor training are offered through the International BOW office at little cost to the sponsoring agency.

Special facilities needed to implement the program: BOW should be hosted/sponsored through a state/provincial natural resource agency or conservation organization that can provide infrastructure of the administrative end of the program. Office space, computer, phone, fax, accounting services, etc.


Approximate cost to agency/organization to implement program: $12000.00

Approximate staff effort required to implement program: 8-10 hours per week for one annual weekend long workshop