Desertion in the Ranks: Recruitment and Retention of Sportsmen

Jean Mangun
Dale Hall
Joseph O'Leary
Transactions of the 61st North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference
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61, 338-344

The present study examines aspects of longevity or retention in the population of fish and wildlife consumptive activity participants as addressed by the screener questionnaire of the 1991 FHWAR national survey (USFWS 1993). A structural approach will be taken in which the distribution of age and other sociodemographic variables is determined across subgroups of the U.S. population based on active participation, inactivity, and nonparticipation. Hunting and fishing are examined simultaneously by assigning sportsmen to categories based on whether an individual is active or inactive in either or both activities. The percentage of active, inactive, and non-sporting groups who participated in nonconsumptive wildlife activities in 1990 will also be examined to determine if nonparticipants and inactive sportsmen are engaging in these activities or if they have forgone wildlife-associated recreation altogether.

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