Take One – Make One

Sponsoring Agency or Organization

Contact: Carole Collins

Email: MasonB@dnr.sc.gov

Phone: 803 734-3957

Program details

The Take One – Make One Program (TOMO) was established by SCDNR in January 1999. Since 2004, 286 youth have participated in this program. The TOMO program specifically targets youth and young adults who have not experienced a previous shooting or hunting activity. These youth are paired with volunteer hunting club members and private land owners who sponsor and actively participate in a year-round hunting, fishing and shooting sports mentorship program.

The TOMO program has been successful at meeting its objectives. Participants reported strong changes in their hunting interest, knowledge, skills and confidence.

The objectives of the program are largely being achieved. A high percentage of participants continue to hunt during years following the program. The program increases both competence and confidence in the field which are important components in establishing a recreational activity as a part of an individual’s lifestyle.

Planning and Evaluation

Program objectives: 

Goal 1: Recruit non-hunters for a first-time hunting experience.
Objective 1: Provide safe, quality hunting experiences for participants.
Objective 2: Develop skills, confidence, expertise and commitment to hunting among participants.

Goal 2: Provide participants with hunting opportunities over time to gain experience and commitment.
Objective 1: Provide information and support continued participation in appropriate hunting opportunities for program participants.
Objective 2: 100% of the program participants will purchase a hunting license during the year following their first program hunt.

Manual or Plan

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This program is evaluated: Yes

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