Action Plan Project Updates

Surveys and site planning

Several important steps have been completed during the past months to move the hunting and shooting community closer to developing a National Strategic Plan for Hunting Heritage. These include:

Planning to collect, aggregate and display R&R information

The project team met in Indiana in early December to map out the Web site design and content.

The site will have three major areas: a content section where people interested in recruitment and retention programs can post information on their program, a research section where reports and other information can be posted, and a “news” section where people can post recent activities on recruitment and retention programs. The content section will allow people to post and update their information as programs are updated or new programs are added. All information will be available to share with others using the site. Additional information on R&R partners and organizations can also be posted.

November Project Update

Several critical steps have been taken toward completing the initial assessments of Hunting Recruitment and Retention; and Hunting Access program efforts.

A Hunting Recruitment and Retention assessment survey has been developed and completed by more than 65 states and organizations. The results are being tabulated and analyzed. The final report will be posted on this site soon.

The Hunting Recruitment and Retention assessment survey was developed with input from 18 experts on hunting recruitment and retention programs from state wildlife agencies, federal agencies and the non-government conservation community. A workshop was held to obtain advice on what questions should be asked and who should receive the survey.