Surveys and site planning

Several important steps have been completed during the past months to move the hunting and shooting community closer to developing a National Strategic Plan for Hunting Heritage. These include:

  • Completion of the Recruitment and Retention Assessment Survey, drafting the final report and finalizing the Recruitment and Retention Literature Highlights. These documents are posted as PDF files on this site and can be accessed through the "Research" tab. In addition, a "Highlights" (Executive Summary) version of the assessment survey's final report has also been created and is posted as content pages in the Web site. A printer friendly version of this report is also available.
  • The Access Assessment Survey has been launched in early February 2009. To date, more than 40 state agency and conservation organizations have completed it. Like the Recruitment and Retention Assessment, our goal is to have data from all 50 state wildlife agencies. In addition, we will also capture as much information as we can from conservation organizations, but will likely close the survey once we meet out state agency target. We anticipate that the report summarizing the Access Assessment will be completed in late spring.
  • Designing and launching this Web site. Our hope is that this site will be the "go-to site" for everyone's information needs on advancing our Hunting Heritage. Of course, this site’s success will largely depend on the importance the community places on it. Please feel free to use and promote it as the go-to site on this issue!
  • A critical element of the site is a place where the hunting and shooting community can post – and regularly update – information regarding Recruitment and Retention programs and activities. Numerous participants in the Recruitment and Retention Assessment Survey expressed a strong desire for this feature! A similar feature will soon be developed for Access programs as well. Stay tuned.