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Food for Thought: Increasing Return on Investment by Reaching Out to Recruit New Adult Hunters

North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference Workshop Approximately 80 representatives from many states, federal agencies, industry, and NGOs attended the workshop. The room was full to standing. We front-end loaded the event to accommodate busy schedules and the need for participants to attend many events. Events and programs targeting youth have historically been the staple of hunter recruitment strategies. While these programs are enjoyed by participants and mentors alike,...

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Apprentice Hunter Validation Program

The Apprentice Hunter Validation Program serves as a short-term, one-time-only, exclusion to the regulations related to the hunter education firearms safety training requirements. As such it gives a person that qulaifies an opportunity to sample hunting for one season before they are required to complete a hunter education firearms safety training course.

MN DNR Hunter Recruitment and Retention Plan (Executive Summary)

Executive Summary- Hunter Recruitment and Retention Plan Declining hunter participation is a problem that needs to be addressed because hunters are pivotal to wildlife management fiscally, operationally, and socially. Additionally, hunting is a valued part of Minnesota’s heritage and culture – so much so that it has been given protection in the Minnesota Constitution. In January 2002, the DNR Wildlife Roundtable (stakeholders) considered hunter participation issues, identified the...

Hunting Heritage Program

The Hunting Heritage Program of the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission is based on the premise that it takes a hunter to make a hunter and that the recruitment and retention of hunters is critical to long-term conservation and management of North Carolina's wildlife resources.

Pass It On

Pass It On is a program designed to reverse the declining trend in Kansas hunter numbers through recruitment and retention efforts, including outdoor skills training, hunting access, special hunts and education and awareness.

Nebraska 20 Year Hunter/Angler Recruitment, Development and Retention Plan

Nebraska's 20 Year RDR Plan was developed using current Best Management Practices and research to achieve five main Goals which include: GOAL I. Recruitment of Youth Hunters/Anglers GOAL II. Recruitment of New Adult Hunters/Anglers GOAL III. Recruitment of Lapsed Anglers/Hunters GOAL IV. Development and Retention of Existing Hunters/Anglers GOAL V. Maintain Support of Hunting and Fishing by All Citizenry in Nebraska This will be accomplished using six overriding Strateguies that...

Hunter Education Deferral Program

The Texas Hunter Education Deferral Program is a hunter apprentice program that, when combined with other hunter education and youth hunting programs, is similar to the "Families Afield" programs of other states. A deferral is a 'license' that can be purchased by a hunter 17 years of age or older to: 1) extend the time it takes him or her to find and successfully complete hunter education, or 2) to "give hunting a try" prior to choosing it as a way of life. Hunter education is required of...

Hoosier Outdoor Experience

Our annual Hoosier Outdoor Experience will stand out from other events such as sport shows, outdoor trade shows, and commercial events in many ways. The most important difference between an Outdoor Experience and other events is that we will strictly focus on hands-on and interactive learning events that will teach outdoor skills and conservation to kids, families, and minorities that are currently less experienced in the outdoors. Additionally, our event will focus on Indiana’s outdoor...