Food for Thought: Increasing Return on Investment by Reaching Out to Recruit New Adult Hunters

North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference Workshop Approximately 80 representatives from many states, federal agencies, industry, and NGOs attended the workshop. The room was full to standing. We front-end loaded the event to accommodate busy schedules and the need for participants to attend many events. Events and programs targeting youth have historically been the staple of hunter recruitment strategies. While these programs are enjoyed by participants and mentors alike,...

Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division Youth Hunting Events

The Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries (WFF) Division of the SC Department of Natural Resources initiated special youth hunts as early as 1996-97 and now conducts approximately 110 hunts each year. These hunts fall into 5 general categories as follows:
•Youth Dove Hunts •Youth Deer Hunts •Youth Raccoon Hunts •Adult/Youth Turkey Hunts •Adult/Youth Waterfowl Hunts •Youth Waterfowl Hunts
In addition, WFF staff provides Adult/Youth season long opportunities for deer and...

Statewide Youth Days

In 2000, the SC General Assembly created a new statute (50-9-740) that authorizes the SCDNR to designate one or more youth days in addition to the regular season for a species of wild game. The youth days must be held outside of the regular season on a weekend, holiday or other nonschool day and within 14 days before or after the regular open period for that species. Under this law a youth hunter is one who is less than 18 years of age. The SCDNR, under the authority of this law, has...

Scholastic Clay Target Program

The Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP) is a national program that supports the shooting sports and hunting thrust of the SCDNR. Youth programs are developed through organizations and schools and supported with equipment and supplies provided by the SCDNR. In 2009, 1,246 students participated on 29 teams at 9 events.
The gun safety and shooting components of the program dovetail nicely with other SCDNR shooting and hunting programs.

National Archery in the Schools

National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) is a nation-wide program that provides guidance and support to partners wishing to implement the program in schools within their state. The SCDNR initiated this program in 2005 and now provides the opportunity in 146 schools. SCDNR participates in the program by recruiting schools and has trained 236 teachers and instructors. Eighteen thousand students in the 146 schools are expected to participate in the program during the 2009-10 school...

Youth Hunting Program of Florida

The Youth Hunting Program of Florida (YHPF) is preserving the hunting tradition in Florida for future generations by providing introductory, instructive youth hunts for inexperienced youth hunters and their sponsoring parent. The goal is to mentor both the youth and adult through the hunter safety program, shooting activities and a weekend hunt giving them enough experience to feel comfortable repeating the process on their own. A major key to the YHPF's success is the Florida Fish and...

Arkansas Youth Expos

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission sponsors youth outdoor expos every May. These expos invite thousands of 5th graders from area schools to get outside and experience fun, conservation-related activities. Expos are held each year in partnership with the United States Forest Service at the Lake Sylvia Recreation Area, which is reserved by the Commission with a three-day special use permit. Other youth expos occur at the Commission's nature and education centers. At each expo, school...

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Youth Waterfowl Day

Youth Waterfowl Day provides a quality opportunity to introduce youth 15 and younger to waterfowl hunting prior to the opening of the regular waterfowl season. An adult parent or guardian must accompany the youth at all times. No license or duck stamps are required. There is no minnimum age for participants. Youth ages 12 and older must have completed Firearms Safety Training.

Young Adult Pheasant Hunt Program

Times, lifestyles, and family activities have changed, as well as our land and wildlife resources. The youth of today do not have the same opportunities to hunt as in the past 20 to 30 years. Due to urbanization, loss of farms and other open space, less leisure time, computers and internet access, video games and organized school activities, young people are losing their connection to the outdoors. The days of walking down the road to the nearby farm or wood lot to hunt after school are all but...

Introduction to Wingshooting

The is an introductory shotgun shooting education program focusing on youth and women to teach shotgun shooting safety and shooting skills.